Saturday, January 01, 2005

Mum. Don't read the next line. I know you read this blog.


I feel a bit better now.
HTML, Here I come...
I need to change the format of this blog. I hate the fact that there is no comment box. Also, its purple, my least favourite colour. Ever. I only chose this one because it had The Simpsons all over it..which outweighed the crappy purpleness.

Also, purple reminds me of Barney.
And we all know..I llllluv Barney. :/

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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas used to be my favourite time of the year.
Sadly its lost its magic. For me at least.

Merry Christmas.

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Sunday, December 12, 2004

please stop bothering me now. k?

+Muse cds
-origin of symmetry
-hullabaloo dvd
+The Libertines CD (self titled)


+first on my swatch list
+I really love this one
+I love this one too


+THis is the one i want the most out of all of them.
+or in pink (because I dont have a pink watch and this is probably the only one i'll ever like)
+this is cool too
+HOly crap this is awesome...,

+An iPod case WITH a belt clip.
+$$ for my trip
+is there a new set of Simpsons dvds out? that would be cool.

if i think of anything I'll add it.

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Thursday, December 09, 2004


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Monday, December 06, 2004


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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Mum reminded me today that i only have 20. So continuing on then...

21+I think I have a slight case of insomnia
22+I pulled an all nighter the other night.
23+NOw my internal clock is BROKEN. As Mumsie said, I'm toast.
24+listening to Louis Armstrong makes me happy
25+I don't really like pens. I much prefer writing in pencil.
26+I sleep on my tummy. Apparently thats bad for you.
27+I often wonder about space.
28+My hands are always unusually cold
28+I read the FBI's top 10 wanted list frequently
29+I am wearing yellow underware.
30+I like taking pictures.
31+I am an MSN junkie
32+I love geography
33+ But at the same time, i hate the work it entails
34+If i had to die, i would jump into an active volcano
35+I hate it when teacher give out handouts that are not stapled and hole punched. They want us to be organized, so they give us lose sheets. Nice.
36+I installed a web cam the other day. Yay me.
37+The other other day, mum, skye and I made lip balm and lotion. THat was fun because we made the lotion these really hideous colours. But they smell nice.
38+I've been spending way too much time on this site lately. That kid/dude (apparently hes 27) is so funny.
39+ I just went for Shabu Shabu with my famille. I had a great time.
40+Mum told me to go to bed 30 min ago, but I was determined to finish this.

41-60 coming soon


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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

99 things. Twenty at a time.

1+ I made this just for my mum
2+ I HATE mushrooms. They are super nasty and should be distroyed.
3+ I haven't drycleaned my uniform in months
4+ I have an iPod and his name is Homer 2.0. He is beautiful =)
5+ but, he is also broken. =(
6+ Skye is the funniest person I know.
7+ But she is also the smelliest, in terms of gas. Eww. I cringe thinking about it.
8+ Know that Olivia Newton John concert mum went to? I still wear the shirt that she got from that concert
9+ I'm so glad that I'm not a FOB
10+ Mumsie drives me nuts but I still love her
11+ Oh gawd. She said something gay again...'trick o' treating'
12+ University scares me a little. Mostly because I don't like big classrooms.
13+ I looovve going to concerts.
14+ My favourite band is Muse
13+ My second-favourite bands are Franz Ferdinand, The Postal Service and Radiohead
15+ I want to get a tattoo.
16+ For a very long time I had cultural identity issues (which BTW are now solved)
17+ My best friends are Polish, Chinese and Indian/Jamaican.
18+ My favourite Muse songs are Plug In Baby and Hysteria
19+ I love Baskin Robbin's Rocky Road ice creammm.
20+ I am -slightly- addicted to Altoids Peppermints.

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